Easy Black Latte with Active Carbon for Weight Loss

There are many drinks that we eat during the day, but the first place for a long time and in addition, invariably takes up coffee. Millions of people drink it all over the world in a variety of forms, from black to espresso to milk-soluble, or non-milky. What is worth noting, coffee has a fairly diverse effect on the human body, while being a morning source of energy, which can be enough for a whole day of activity. Just a moment after lifting a cup with your favorite drink into your mouth, we do not realize that there are such varieties of coffee that allow you to lose weight in a short time. If anyone cares about such effects, just reach for the Easy Black Latte cup. It is a mixture of the best coffee grades combined with activated carbon and MCT oil. Such a composition allows you to get rid of all extra kilos, which almost immediately gained great popularity, also among actors and celebrities.

Easy Black Latte – what exactly is it and how does it work?

easy black latte

We all know that the fight against overweight is a process that requires a lot of self-denial and downright iron self-control. Slimming treatment intended to produce measured results should mainly consist of several very important elements, a proper diet, a high dose of daily movement and a supplement accelerating metabolic transformation and digestion. The last point is usually innoudated, which makes many consternation, not knowing why the weight does not want to fall. Most often, this reason is the usual reluctance to take tablets, after all, these not so rarely burden the stomach. Easy Black Latte meets this because it combines a passion for coffee consumption with extremely effective means of helping to lose weight. It is even safe to say that coffee together with activated carbon and MCT oil is an excellent compound, with highly positive effects. The manufacturer of Easy Black Latte itself, i.e. coffee with activated carbon based on the latest research in the field of dietetics went a step further. Composing the recipe of this coffee dietary supplement, he put on two well-known ingredients, to which he added a third, while receiving a weight loss support agent.

Easy Black Latte – composition

The composition of easy black latte is as follows: whey powder (milk), anti-caking agent – silicon dioxide, arabica-robusta coffee, MCT oil powder containing medium chain fatty acids, chocolate aroma, condensed milk aroma, sweetener – sucrallosis, activated carbon (coconut).

And now something more about the most important ingredients that can be found in this coffee.

  • Activated carbon is known by many only from cosmetics and, above all, from tooth whitening pastes. This one used in easy black latte also comes from hazelnut and was not included in this lineup accidentally. Its properties are surprising and include it for use in weight loss supplements. Many are familiar with its healing effect, which helps to relieve the symptoms of digestive ailments, most often diarrhea, food poisoning and bloating. Activated carbon is characterized by absorption properties that allow the binding of toxic substances, so that these can later be removed from the body. This makes it an effective detoxifying drug. It works similarly with fatty acids, that is, it captures their excess and prevents absorption so that they do not deposit in the form of folds on the hips or abdomen. Its antibacterial effect is also worth appreciating, and these promote faster wound healing, including irritation inside the digestive system, stomach or intestines.
  • MCT oil differs significantly from other oils in its length of fat chains, and is usually obtained from coconut oil, which contains numerous nutrients in its composition. Regularly used MCT oil not only affects faster weight loss, but also many other very important aspects of human health.
Nutritional valuesContent in 15 gContent in 100 g
Energy [kcal]43284
Energy [kJ]1801203
Protein [g]1,510
Carbohydrates [g]853
Sugar content [g]6,241,3
Fats [g]0,42,5
Saturated fatty acid content [g]0,42,4

Using Easy Black Latte

Preparing this coffee is trivial, because we pour 3 scoops of powder, or 15 g, we pour it with hot, but not boiling water. What is worth marking, we do not mix the solution with the attached scoop. It is also not recommended to exceed the recommended daily allowance. Easy Black Latte contains as much as 84 mg of caffeine in one serving, which comes directly from instant coffee.

Easy Black Latte: PRICE -32%

Consumer opinions and effects

easy black latte reviews

Easy Black Latte is primarily a slimming coffee. On the net you will come across a lot of reviews of this product, which is starting to enjoy increasing popularity. So it seems that only personal tests could bring tangible, comprehensive and fully impartial assessments of how to act. The manufacturer ensures that regular use. There is no shortage of very positive people. There is information about accelerated weight loss due to this product, a large number of reviewers support their weight loss even for a long time, this is a group fully satisfied with the results.

However, if we are already talking about the effect of drinks from Black Latte, there have been studies on this subject, which can tell a lot about the effectiveness of this remedy. During the study, as many as 97% of those who participated in it noticed weight drops from 8 to 16 kg. In the announcement of the manufacturer, as we have already mentioned, drops of 3-4 kilograms during the week are the norm. The promise of effective weight loss with this product is great. The decision to buy a Black Latte is worth making after reviewing the opinions of specialists.

Easy Black Latte

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