Top 10 php frameworks 2015

PHP frameworks widely used in web development so below is the report for php top frameworks that widely used for web development..

1. CakePHP 3.0

CakePHP 3.0

Considered as a contemporary framework for PHP development, CakePHP 3.0 comes loaded with remarkable features including enhanced components and helpers, improved session management, improved consistency of conventions, ORM improvements and many more. CakePHP 3.0 comes with increased modularity, allowing you to create more standalone libraries in addition to reducing coupling. Plus, there are tools like PSR-0, PSR-1 and composer which have helped in improving the interoperability.

2. Laravel


Laravel is yet another brilliant PHP Framework that’s equipped with tons of interesting features including RESTful routing, native PHP or light weight tempting engine and many more. Built using several Symfony components, Laravel offers you web application an amazing foundation of reliable and well-tested code. Some other interesting features of Laravel include: a powerful queue library, an amazing ORM, painless routing and a simple authentication.


Considered as one of the fastest PHP Frameworks, Phalcon has been implemented as a C extension coupled with lower resource consumption. Some of the excellent features included within this PHP Framework are: translations, security, assets management, universal auto-loader and many more. You can use Phalcon for developing full MVC applications viz: single-module, multi-module and micro applications.

4. Symfony 2

symfony 2

Available in its version 2, Symfony is an excellent PHP Framework for creating websites and web applications. It has been built on top of Symfony components such as Drupal, Ez Publish and phpBB. With over 300,000 developers on-board, Symfony has witnessed over 1,000,000 downloads till date. There have been more than 1000 code contributors for Symfony till date. Backed by a huge community of Symfony fans, it is believed that the framework will go to a whole new level in the forthcoming years.

5. Codeigniter


If you’re a web developer who’s in need of a simple and an elegant toolkit for creating feature-loaded and visualling impressive web applications, then Codeigniter is the framework for you. Currently available in its version 2.2.1, Codeigniter comes with clear documentation. Some other interesting features of this PHP framework include: nearly zero configuration, no large-scale monolithic libraries, compatibility with standard hosting, no restrictive coding rules, no need for template language and many more.


6. Yii Framework


Considered as a fast, stable, secure and high-performing PHP framework, Yii has worked wonders for developing Web 2.0 applications. It provides the basis and advanced application installations based on the project requirement. Equipped with Model-View-Controller(MVC) design pattern, rich feature layered caching scheme, Role based access and authentication, Database Access Objects(DAO), Ajax-enabled widgets and a detailed documents; Yii serves as an ideal framework for developing enterprise web applications, social media applications, SaaS, PaaS and a lot more.


7. Aura


Aura is a PHP Framework that provides independent library packages for PHP 5.4+. You may opt for using these packages alone, in collaboration with one other or as combined into a separate full-stack framework. As the second major version of Solar(a PHP framework), Aura has been reimagined and rewritten into the form of a library collection with a dependency injection. Aura has been specially developed to leverage the features available in PHP 5.4+.

8. Zend


Considered as one of the most popular PHP Frameworks for building high performing web applications, Zend comes with cryptographic and secure coding tools which allow you to execute web app development projects in a flawless manner. Some interesting features of Zend framework include: modularity, extensibility, enterprise ready and a vibrant community.


9. FlightPHP


Flight is an extensible micro-framework for PHP. It enables you to build RESTFul web applications in a quick and simple way. Compatible with PHP version 5.3 and above, Flight can be installed quite conveniently.

10. FuelPHP


FuelPHP is a simple and highly flexible MVC(Model View Control) framework specially created for PHP web developers. Irrespective of whether you’re an experienced PHP developer or an amateur; using FuelPHP framework can turn to be your best decision. PHPFuel supports a router-based approach. That means, you are directly navigated to a closure which deals with input uri, offering the closure a complete control over any further execution.


With these 10 handy PHP frameworks at your disposal, I’m sure it’d become comfortable for you to come up with web applications that are truly amazing and able to impress the targeted audience. So, just try these frameworks and you’ll soon be able to pick your favorite.

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