How to install laravel in windows

Laravel framework is an opensourc mvc framework. here we have step by step guidline to install the laravel framework on windows system.

First of all you need to install composer and for that we have two ways

first is composer set up install in your php file exits directory.:

Download composer set up: Compose set_up .exe

Note: for installation of composer setup you need to enable php_openssl.dll in php.ini. make sure you will change all php.ini files of your server.

Second is using CMD or manual installation in this way you need to change directory to your php file directory in your CMD.

then run this command line(for use of composer):

Create a new composer.bat file alongside composer.phar:

now, we can install laravel framework, in your cmd write this command line for create a new project

Download laravel master

After installation we can do some Configuration

Configuration :      open your index.php file in public directory and change




And open bootstrap/paths.php and change



now, you can start work with laravel frame work

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