Android Studio Shortcuts

I use a Mac for Android development, so apologies to the Linux and Windows users out there. You can find a list of similar shortcuts here.




  • ⌘ + Shift + O – Search by file name

  • ⌘ + B – Go to definition in code, layout files, XML values files…pretty much everywhere

  • Shift + F6 – Rename. It doesn’t matter if it’s a class, an XML file, or even a resource ID ( It just works.

  • ⌥ + F7 – Find usages. Similar to other shortcuts, this works on classes and XML files.

  • ⌘ + N – Generate code. Getters and setters, override methods, etc.

  • Control + T – Refactor menu. Extract methods & classes, generate interfaces, etc.

  • ⌥ + Enter – Quick fixes. This may be one of my most frequently used shortcuts. Implement methods for a superclass or interface, generate a layout file on-the-fly, import a package.

  • Ctrl + ⌥ + I – Auto-indent. Everyone loves pretty code.

  • Ctrl + ⌥ + O – Clean up imports. Again, everyone loves pretty code.

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